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The Fox Lady (Unpublished)

“A moving adventure that follows Red, a child of the woods raised by foxes, through a magic forest that looks like a painting. With characters that could have come out of a children book.
A past and an identity to discover in a fresh game with a sweet and melancholic soundtrack.
This is The Fox Lady.”


  • Producer

  • Game and Narrative Designer

  • Level Designer

  • Programmer

The idea of The Fox Lady was born from a short story written by myself, who also worked on the project as Producer and Game designer.

The aim of The Fox Lady is to bring back players to the late 90’s platform games, using a 3rd person point of view, bright colours and with a prominent narrative.

The Fox Lady is a 2D Platformer Adventure where the player will help Red, a child of the woods, to uncover her past in her journey through a magic forest inhabited by wild creatures to face. By collecting the forest soul pieces, she will unlock visions about her origins.

This game is currently being produced for Windows.



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