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The Fox Lady

ROLE: Producer and Game Designer

“A moving adventure that follows Red, a child of the woods raised by foxes, through a magic forest that looks like a painting. With characters that could have come out of a children book.
A past and an identity to discover in a fresh game with a sweet and melancholic soundtrack.
This is The Fox Lady.”


  • Production

  • Game Design

  • Narrative Design

  • Level Design

  • Coding support

The idea of The Fox Lady was born from a short story I wrote in high school and I decided to bring to life.

The aim of The Fox Lady is to bring back players to the late 90’s platform games, using a 3rd person point of view, bright colours and with a prominent narrative.

The Fox Lady is a 2D Platformer Adventure where the player will help Red, a child of the woods, to uncover her past in her journey through a magic forest inhabited by wild creatures to face. By collecting the forest soul pieces, she will unlock visions about her origins.

This game hasn't been released and is on a hiatus.



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