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Love Island: The Game - Season 2

Love Island: The Gam 2019

ROLE: Design Team Lead

I worked to the development of the second season of Love Island: The Game.
As a Team Lead I Co-led the Design department. I was responsible of different aspects of the development such as: Game design from pitching, pre production, production and release, as well as Content implementation, and game building.

While leading the team, I worked on sprints planning, deadlines and task assignment, ensuring the team agency  and confidence in the work produced and making sure their workload and the release schedule were achievable.


  • Game Design pre-production, production and release

  • Pre-release planning

  • Roadmapping

  • Mentoring and onboarding Junior Designers

  • Work closely with Engineers to develop Fusebox’s own engine

  • Revision and implementation of narrative scripts and art assets within the engine

  • LiveOps and user retention strategy

  • Interdepartmental communication and mediation

I also worked on the production and release of the following mini season: Love Island: The Wedding.

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