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Hire me, Senpai! 私を雇って、先輩!

ROLES: Game and Narrative Designer

"Hire me, Senpai - 私を雇って、先輩!" is a fun/mock job interview, inspired by Japanese visual novels.

A game of choices and cunning!

The player plays the role of a newly graduate attending a job interview, hoping to find his dream job... But the interviewer will not be easy to impress!

Are you going to impress the Interviewer?



  • Pre-production

  • Task management

  • Spring planning

  • Game Design

  • Narrative Design

  • UI Design

"Hire me, Senpai - 私を雇って、先輩!" is a game developed during the Winter UE4 Game Jam. The theme was "On thin Ice" which can also stand for all these tricky situations that require carefulness and, sometimes, negotiation!

An idea by myself, developed in collaboration with  Andrea D'Acunzo (Developer) and Cinzia Arpe (Artist).

For this project I played the role of Game Designer, Narrative Designer and UI/UX Designer.


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